The 25 Best Yoga Bloggers to Follow in 2016

Yoga has evolved since it was first developed, just as its resources have. With over thousands of yoga blogs, you may find yourself searching through an endless amount to find the one that best suits you. To save you that trouble, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best yoga blogs out there.

Use this list to branch away from big names and find more in-depth information about yoga. Read about their passion and adventures, heartbreak and healing. This list praises the top bloggers in the yoga community. Whether you’re looking for fun, inspiration, healthy recipes or yoga poses, these bloggers provide excellent insight into the yoga world. Dig deeper, think harder, spread peace, love more, be kinder, live healthy. All of these blogs offer advice on how to achieve these goals. We celebrate the 25 top yoga bloggers in the industry with this list.

1. Yoga with Kassandra

Why you should follow her: Kassandra offers free and premium online yoga classes and challenges you to be the best you can be. She goes in-depth about the benefits of yoga and improving your quality of life. And for all you pet lovers out there, her furbabies make occasional blog appearances. Meow.

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2. The Journey Junkie


A place where yoga, travel & life meld together

Why you should follow her: Because she’s modern, hip, and fresh. Read about her travels, watch yoga videos or make delicious smoothies. Oh, and get your craft on by learning how to make a dreamcatcher. This blog has it all!

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3. Spoiled Yogi


Spoil yourself

Why you should follow her: Erica focuses on prenatal yoga and yoga for new mamas. She believes in taking better care of yourself and living a happy, healthy lifestyle. This blog is a must for pregnant ladies and new mommies everywhere!

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4. Starr Struck

Starr Struck

Live a more creative, simple, joyful & purposeful life

Why you should follow her: This self-proclaimed list maker extraordinaire is a painter, designer, writer and yoga teacher. You will feel right at home with her down-to-earth posts. Make sure to browse her awesome class playlists while channeling your inner yogi.

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5. Alive in the Fire

Rachel Koontz – Alive in the Fire

Embrace challenges & live wholeheartedly

Why you should follow her: Rachel’s blog updates can be both long and in depth or quick and to the point. But you’re sure to learn something new from every post. She’s also a badass.

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6. Anacostia Yogi

Anacostia Yogi

Discover the power of a mind, body and spirit connection

Why you should follow her: Not only does she radiate beauty and confidence, but she’s been published in Essence Magazine. Her long list of press gigs speaks for itself. Don’t forget to check out her yoga videos and podcasts, too.

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7. Bram Levinson

bram levinson

Why you should follow him: He’s an internationally acclaimed author and has a lot to say. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back. His powerful writing will leave you wanting more.

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8. Elena Brower

elena brower

Why you should follow her: She’s a mama, teacher, co-author and speaker. You will fall in love with her soothing posts and feel like you’ve made a new BFF. Think deeper and clearer while being inspired.

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9. Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke

Why you should follow him: Enjoy podcasts mixed with highly informative blog posts. Adam focuses a lot on meditation, poses, alignment and balance. He has great advice for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

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10. Silvia Mordini


Inspire your desire

Why you should follow her: Her blog is jam-packed with teaching resources for yoga instructors. This blog should be followed by any aspiring yoga teacher! Plus, check out the intriguing exotic retreats she offers.

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11. Yoga Mint

Navigate the temporal and spiritual world with grace

Why you should follow her: With decades of yoga under her belt, her blog is filled with wisdom and radiates positivity. Her uplifting and thought provoking blog posts will make you dig deeper and find a more satisfying inner peace.

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12. Rachel Scott


Why you should follow her: This down-to-earth yoga instructor knows how to laugh at herself. She embraces her inner nerd and loves what she does. Her blog is full of inspiration, advice, tips and tricks.

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13. Om Gal


Do your om thing!

Why you should follow her: She brings fire and fun to the table. You will also get a more athletic side of yoga with her. Read about Rebecca’s amazing yoga experiences like teaching a class at Fenway Park.

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14. Gigi Yogini


Love your body

Why you should follow her: Also known as Brigitte Kouba Neves, this girl helps you feel good about yourself. She is a huge advocate for body positivity and promotes healthy lifestyles. You will feel like a rockstar after reading her blog posts.

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15. Marianne Elliot


Why you should follow her: She’s a human rights advocate and published author. This blog is for you if you want to make the world a better place and spread peace, love and kindness.

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16. One With Life


Adventure meets athletics

Why you should follow her: This blog is refreshing and addictive. Her love for yoga and life shines through all over her blog. Stephanie’s inspirational and informative posts keep you coming back for more.

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17. Yogi Crystal


Why you should follow her: Because wine, of course! She has a strong love for running and posts regularly about her adventures. Follow her story (and love for wine) through her cheery and upbeat blog posts.

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18. It’s All Yoga Baby

It's All Yoga Baby

Feminism + Sex + Yoga

Why you should follow her: Rosanne Harvey’s blog covers everything from body image to sexualized marketing. She speaks from the heart and talks about issues many people don’t. Her relevant and current content will make you think.

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19. Kathryn Budig


Aim True

Why you should follow her: She’s all about empowering her students and finding true balance. Her blog is full of yummy and healthy original recipes. Stay fit and full with this light-hearted blog.

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20. Gwen Lawrence


Why you should follow her: If you’re an athlete, Gwen is going to be your best friend. Her 20 years of massage therapy gives her extensive knowledge about the human body. Her blog is aimed towards healing and easing pain, especially for athletes. Some of her dozens of magazine features include Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Yoga Journal.

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21. Rachel Brathen


Why you should follow her: Rachel is raw and real. This Swedish native now lives in Aruba and teaches yoga on a paddle board. (How awesome is that!?) She’s a social media guru and her captivating photos alone are worth following!

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22. Yoga By Candace


​Modern Yoga Lifestyle

Why you should follow her: Candace’s blog is modern and hip, and she believes anything is possible. She keeps you motivated to be the best version of yourself. Her site also includes delicious, healthy recipes with vegetarian, vegan, and paleo options.

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23. Chelsea Loves Yoga


Why you should follow her: She’s smart and extremely accomplished. She has a Ph.D. from the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University. Chelsea aims to teach and educate community through yoga.

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24. Ashley Josephine

Healthy, whole-hearted living

Why you should follow her: Ashley talks about how yoga has helped alleviate her stress and anxieties. Her free yoga videos help with relieving stress, negativity and pain. Follow Ashley through her journey of healing and living life with more joy.

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25. Half Moon Yoga and Art


Why you should follow her: Hannah Faulkner thrives on creativity and yoga. Learn about all types of yoga and find helpful tips on how to become healthier. She covers all aspects of yoga including yoga books, clothing, and poses. You may also find yourself in a history lesson here or there!

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While there are many wonderful yoga bloggers that didn’t make this list, every single one of these top 25 are phenomenal sources of yoga information and inspiration. If you’re looking for some whose advice you can trust and follow, you’ll be able to find someone on this list who meshes well with your yoga style and philosophy. Check them out, follow and subscribe, and enjoy a more relaxing and peaceful life.

Toni Placides

As a young wife and mom, I juggle a lot of things to make sure that I do well at work, take care of the kids and still bond with my husband. I utilize every hour that I can each day to balance all the different hats I wear. On top of all that, I prioritize healthy food and regular exercise for me and my kids to prevent any kind of sickness and for a happier, energy-filled and more productive life.

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Muz MURRAY - August 16, 2016

Namaste and thank you Toni for this very useful article. I really appreciate it.

I will be contacting some of them for my forthcoming book “You Are the Light – Secrets of the Sages Made Simple”, which is an A-Z of spiritual insights clarifying many obscurely explained yoga concepts that bewilder many yoga teachers.

By the way, how old are your kids? I have written an esoteric fantasy called “Ifflepinn Island” especially for yoga mum’s children, which is full of secret yoga teachings sprinkled among the adventures of the hero. You might like to check it out via this link: https://www.facebook.com/IfflepinnIsland?fref=ts

Muz (aka Ramana Baba)

Gwen - September 26, 2016

Thank you for including me


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