The 10 Best Running Shoes to Keep You Going Mile After Mile

Salomon Speedcross 3 training shoes

Having the right pair of shoes can either make or break your run. Your feet are what keep you moving, so protecting them is crucial. The perfect running shoes and socks will provide support, stability and protection. They will also enhance your performance and help you reach higher goals.

Running shoes have changed over the years, and now offer your feet more protection than before. There are so many different styles and types of running shoes.  Picking a pair that suits your needs is important. Some are water and debris-resistant, while others focus more on thick cushioning. Certain pairs have widely spaced lugs for rugged terrain and other shoes have outsoles designed for the road. There are even shoes that mimic barefoot running.

You want to make sure you have the right type of shoes for for the type of running you're doing. So what are the best running shoes for men? We’ve collected a list of the top 10 pairs to help you find your perfect match.

Different Types of Running Shoes

Even though different running shoes may look similar, they are designed for certain types of running. The key to having a successful run is buying a pair specifically engineered for your workout.

Road Running Shoes

Road running shoes are probably the most popular type of shoe. They are favorable for running on tracks, roads, and treadmills. This type of running shoe has flat outsoles for excellent grip on smooth surfaces. Road running shoes are great for all types of runs, from the intense marathon to the casual weekend jog.

These shoes are designed to absorb the landing shock from repetitive strides on hard surfaces. With more cushion than other types, they also provide superior comfort. Road running shoes are not usually water-proof, being that they have a breathable mesh upper. This helps your feet sweat less with better ventilation.

Road running shoes are great for anyone who wants to run on flat, hard surfaces. They are stylish and offer extreme comfort with thick midsoles. These shoes also usually have bigger heel to toe drops. The best road running shoes for men will keep you going mile after mile.

Minimalist Running Shoes

Designed to mimic barefoot running styles, minimalist shoes are defined by certain key aspects. One of the most important traits of minimalist shoes is the weight or lack thereof. These shoes usually weigh only a few ounces and are sometimes even measured in grams. They also have a thin sole at the center of the heel- the fewer millimeters, the better. If you decide to go with thin soled running shoes, make sure your running pants aren't too long and you don't end up tripping on them while running.

Heel to toe drops are also a factor in minimalist shoes. Again, having a low millimeter count gets extra points. Another feature is the flexibility. You will be able to fold the shoe from heel to toe as well as twist the sides in opposite directions.

All of these characteristics help make the minimalist shoe feel like you are running barefoot. This means less ground contact time, shorter stride length, and a reduction of impact peak force. It is important to gradually transition to this type of shoe in order to develop more foot strength for minimalist running. Switching too fast can lead to injuries like stress fractures or tendonitis.

Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes are designed to withstand tough conditions, whether that means wet, muddy surfaces or trails with rocks and roots. They also are great for running in sand and on other rugged terrain.

This type of running shoes provides incredible protection for your feet. They are usually water-resistant and have an anti-debris mesh upper. Trail running shoes sometimes even feature a removable rock plate that protects your feet from sharp rocks or twigs. On the sticky outer soles, you will find widely spaced lugs that make cleaning your shoes a breeze. This feature also helps your feet grip harsh surfaces and prevents slippage.

Trail running shoes will also provide you with stability. This type of shoe usually allows your foot to stay close to the ground, giving you a smoother, more natural run. This means fewer injuries and twisted ankles while running over uneven surfaces and having a good running sleeve helps as well. They have a very low stack height and are lightweight to help you glide effortlessly across the ground.

Most Popular Running Shoe Brands

There are many shoe brands out there. Some are very well-known, while others are only heard of in the runner’s world. Here are some top running shoe brands that you may not have heard of before.


Some of the best shoes and other accessories for running in are made by Vibram. Founded decades ago by Vitale Bramani, Vibram has been around for almost 80 years. Bramani was struck by tragedy in 1935 when six of his friends died in the Italian Alps- partly due to inadequate footwear. In 1937, he patented and launched the first Vibram sole. He is also credited with inventing the first rubber lug for shoes.

Vibram soles were first used on mountaineering boots, which normally had leather soles on the bottom. In 1954, a team of Italian mountain climbers conquered K2 wearing Vibram rubber on their soles. This was the first ever successful climb to the top of K2 summit.

This company is popular with runners because of their FiveFingers product. It is a ‘foot glove’, fitting like a true second skin, which mimics barefoot running. These shoes were launched in 2004 and have revolutionized the minimalist shoe movement.


The Salomon sports equipment brand was started in 1947 by Francois Salomon, his wife, and his son Georges. In 1997, it was sold to Adidas and then to Amer Sports of Finland in 2005. The Salomon Group first started by producing saw blades, which led to making steel edges for skis. In 1979, ski boots were introduced and skis came a decade later.

Salomon produces equipment for various sports which include trail running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. In the world of running, Salomon is known best for their road and trail running shoes. They produce durable, high quality shoes that help you perform at your fullest potential.

This brand of shoe offers premium protection for your feet as well as comfort. You may spend more money purchasing these, but you will have top-notch shoes that you can count on. Whether you prefer shoes for the trail or track, Salomon has some of the best sports shoes for men.


Another successful shoe brand is the Japanese company Mizuno. While it’s more well-known overseas, it is still popular with US athletes. The Mizuno Corporation was founded in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo. The company first began by selling baseballs and then made-to-order athletic wear in 1907. In 1913, Mizuno began to manufacture baseballs and baseball gloves. They then started producing the first Japanese made golf clubs in 1933.

Since then, Mizuno has signed sponsorship deals with several famous athletic stars including former quarterback Joe Montana. In 1987, Mizuno began manufacturing running shorts, shirts, and shoes in the US. Their shoes helped set the 100m dash world record in Tokyo in ‘91.

The Mizuno Corporation has been involved with sports for 110 years. They have helped evolve the athletic wear and equipment we use today. Mizuno also has an online shoe fitting system called “Precision Fit Online.” In less than a minute, they will help you find the right Mizuno running shoe as well as provide an individual training program. This company definitely knows its sports.

 Best Running Shoes for Men

Top 5 Running Shoes

Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe


The Salomon Speedcross 3 trail running shoes make running across rough terrain a piece of cake. They are by far some of the best running shoes for men. With their Sensifit technology, you can be certain you’ll have a comfortable, snug fit. This feature also works to cradle the foot, enhancing your comfort.

The water resistant, anti-debris mesh upper helps keep dirt and foliage out when running through sloppy trail conditions. Their tongue and toe sections provide water protection without sacrificing breathability. They also have a dense mesh weave on the upper that helps your feet stay warm in cold or wet weather.

These shoes have a Mud and Snow Contagrip for an ultimate blend of performance and fit. Salomon’s Speedcross 3 trail running shoes also have widely spaced lugs for easy cleanup and superior grip. The heel is wider as well, providing a larger contact surface for added stability. Your foot is also lower to the ground in the Speedcross 3, which helps lower the risk of a twisted ankle and other minor injuries.

New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe


The M990v3 road running shoe by New Balance offers premium support and comfort. The ABZORB midfoot cushioning absorbs shock while the dense foam collar offers support and more padding. This makes every heel strike smooth and pain free. They have a blown rubber forefoot that provides even more cushioning. These shoes also have a Vibram outsole for maximum surface contact and traction.

New Balance’s M990v3 running shoe has a classic, traditional look, making it a great pair for any age. They also have reflective detailing for added visibility while running in low light. The premium pigskin upper has mesh inserts to help with ventilation. Your feet will stay dry longer and sweat less with this feature.

New Balance makes durable, high quality shoes, and this pair isn’t any exception. These shoes are on the heavier side, making them best for everyday wear or shorter runs. However, they are designed to last for all those miles your feet will run.

ASICS GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe


This stylish pair of road running shoes offer ample amounts of cushioning as well as stability. ASICS GEL-Cushioning reduces shock during impact, which allows for a smoother stride. They are lightweight, helping you bounce back after each heel strike. The blown rubber outsole allows for enhanced padding and durability.

The ASICS GEL Nimbus 17 feature a sockliner for higher rebound properties that help with moisture management and ventilation. You can say goodbye to blisters as the seamless construction adds to its extreme comfort. The discreet eyelet lacing system also gives this shoe a sleek design. These shoes have glow-in-the-dark GEL cushioning as well as an all over reflective upper. They are great for running at night or in conditions with low visibility.

ASICS’ GEL Nimbus 17 running shoes have an overall outstanding fit and comfort rating. This pair of shoes is a runner’s dream, whether you prefer casual jogs or running 5Ks.

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe


Another pair of good running shoes for men is the ASICS GT-2000 3 model. These lightweight road running shoes feature a FluidRide midsole for incredible bounce back and comfort. The seamless design reduces irritation and blisters to help your further. They have a heel clutching system that creates an improved heel fitting environment. ASICS’ rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning diminishes shock during impact, making running on hard surfaces easier.

These shoes also have a ComforDry Sockliner with antimicrobial properties. This helps provide a cooler, drier environment for your feet. The breathable mesh upper aids in proper ventilation, too. While these are not water-resistant, you can still count on a some moisture-wicking benefits. 

ASICS GT-2000 3 running shoes are the perfect distance shoes for anyone looking to run on the road or on a track. They offer exceptional stability and support with great shock absorption. You can be sure to maximize your performance with the GT-2000 3 running shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11


Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 11 running shoe is light on the foot while providing great rear foot stability. This shoe gives you a nice shift from landing to take-off. It is versatile for short or long distances as well as different speeds. The sleek design will help you shave off running time and keep you looking great. It has a 3D upper design with nice color options for personalization.

This road running shoe has exceptional cushioning and support that aids in greater shock absorption as well. The added internal straps secure your foot for better control and fit. The comfort enhanced sockliner adds to the secure, snug fit without being too tight.

You are sure to have an amazing run with these well designed shoes. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 road running shoe helps you effortlessly travel more miles. If you are looking for a high quality, durable and comfortable running shoe, this pair may be the right fit for you.

The Next 5 Top Running Shoes

Running Shoe Buying Guide

There are many aspects to consider when looking for the right pair of running shoes. Check out this video above for tips on how to find the perfect pair that suits your specific needs.

You want to take several things into consideration when buying running shoes. Here is a list of the essential features you should look for:

  • Width. To ensure a comfortable fit, you need to make sure your feet can rest or run happily in a pair of shoes. Your foot should be able to move freely from side to side without crossing over the edge of the insole. If you can feel your pinky toe hitting the side of it, then the shoe is too narrow.
  • Length. When you run long distances, your feet can swell and lengthen. It is important to find a shoe that won’t cramp your toes or give you blisters by rubbing them. You want to make sure there’s a thumb’s width of space between the front of the shoe and your longest toe.
  • Heel. Having the right fit has a lot to do with the heel. Your heel should have a secure, snug fit but not too tight. You should be able to slide your feet out of laced but not tied shoes. If you feel any irritation at your heel when trying on a shoe, it’s a good indicator that it will intensify once you start your run.
  • Pronation. One overlooked feature when buying a shoe is your pronation. This refers to the way your foot rolls as it hits the ground. Finding a matching shoe type to the degree of your pronation can help new runners avoid injury.
  • Type. Do you plan on racing on the road or track? What about wet, muddy terrain? Or do you prefer to feel like you’re barefoot? Deciding which surface you will be running on the most will help you determine what type of shoe to buy. Trail running shoes have sticky outsoles with wide lugs to help prevent slippage. Road running shoes have provide maximum traction for flatter surfaces. And minimalist shoes are for the experienced runner who wants to become one with nature.

A Final Word

When trying to find the best mens running sneakers, you are faced with numerous choices. Unlike headphones or a hydration pack, your running shoes really need to fit perfectly and be the right type. Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but knowing the best options and features to look for will help make it easier. It’s important to first decide what type of running shoe you will need. You want to pick a type of shoe that enhances your performance, whether you are running marathons or casual jogs, either on the track or on a trail.

The right pair of running shoes will not let you down. They will keep you running mile after mile, no matter your speed. This list and buying guide will help you narrow down the options and pick the right shoes for your run.

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