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The 25 Best Running Blogs to Follow Right Now

Are you are new to running and looking for guidance? Or have you already completed several marathons and are looking for ways to improve your training routine? Either way, your best bet is to find other runners who have gone through what you're going through and learn from them.

​As with anything, there is no reason to struggle alone.  Inevitably, someone has faced the same challenge or doubt and is blogging about it so they can help someone just like you get through it as well.

​I've compiled a list my 25 favorite running bloggers for you to peruse. They come from all walks of life and run the gamut from casual weekend joggers to serious ultra-marathoners.  No matter where you are in your running journey, there is someone here who can help you learn more and enjoy your runs better.

1. Steve Wagner

Why you should follow him: From pre-race running strategy, post run recovery to ice road running, Steve has done it all as he has been addicted to running since 2008. He has completed 21 marathons, blogs about his experiences and shares his tips and knowledge about running.

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2. Beth Risdon

Why you should follow her: Beth is one crazy, fun and energetic gal! Her blog exudes so much positivity and inspiration. She started running 5 years ago and she has been in love with it ever since! She writes with her heart, expresses all her truths and doesn't hold back.

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3. Jason Saltmarsh

Why you should follow him: Be inspired by his running race bucket list. His website is a one stop shop for great information about what you need and how you can started in your running journey. You can also pick up some yummy and healthy recipes to try. So hop on to his site and be inspired!

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​4. Sarah

Why you should follow her: Sarah started running to lose weight. Now she's racing through tough milestones and earning awards. She'll inspire you with her healthy lifestyle and her passion for running.

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5. Matt Orlando

Why you should follow him: He's not just an average father; He's a superhero dad! Matt is a family man who leads a very healthy lifestyle. He writes about running, parenting and conducts interviews with other great runners.

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6. Will

Why you should follow him: Will is a family man, a company CEO and a runner. He started running after college and has completed a lot of races. His blog covers running and his musings on anything and everything. Challenge yourself and see if you can achieve what Will has conquered. 

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7. Cathy White

Why you should follow her: Cathy was a smoker for a long time until a book inspired her to quit. She started running and focused on leading a healthy life. She is now a writer and has some amazing and delicious recipes on her blog for you to try.

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8. Mark Kennedy​

Why you should follow him: He's a USA Track and Field certified coach and a former kinesiologist. Mark enjoys writing about his healthy lifestyle and helping others get fit and improve their health. He is focusing on helping new runners get started.

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9. Jaime Pang

Why you should follow him: Jaime writes about running and photography. He completed his first marathon when he was 15 years old and has finished 31 marathons as of July 2016. He is very passionate about running and sharing his knowledge to aspiring runners.

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10. Malcolm Collins ​

Why you should follow him: Malcolm loves running marathons all over the world, from places like Paris to Norway. He does not run to diet or win races; He runs because he loves running. Considering running in other countries too? Check out Malcom's inspiring stories.

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​11. Randall Wharton

​Why you should follow him: Randall did his first marathon at the age of 39 and has been running ever since. He is into different sports but has a special place in his heart for running. His experiences and bright outlook will inspire you to be at your best.

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12. Thad McLaurin

​Why you should follow him: Thad is a certified running and fitness coach. He has many accomplishments and awards but his greatest reward is helping others embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether it's general fitness or training for a marathon, Thad can help you reach your goals so hop on to his blog and get started today!

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13. Jason Fitzgerald

Why you should follow him: You will find his blog helpful if you want to improve on your workout times, increase speed and achieve better race results. You can also learn about how to avoid injuries and progressively and consistently training towards your running success!

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14. Amy

Why you should follow her: Amy is a 40-something year old runner, fitness junkie and a gluten-free newbie. She loves fitness clothes, fitness gadgets and trying out new healthy wheat-free recipes. She also loves running with her adorable dog.  If we had such a cute running companion, we'd be out there every day too.

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15. Christine

Why you should follow her: Treat yourself to the positive energy on Christine's blog. She is a writer, mom, yogi, runner and wannabe surfer. She writes about life, having a healthy lifestyle and everything in between. She believes in empowering yourself and saying yes to the things that energize, enliven and inspire you!

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16. Michelle

Why you should follow her: Michelle finds balance in her busy life through running and working out. She is a mom of two boys and a lovely German Shepherd. She believes that the one thing you can control in every situation is your attitude and has consciously chosen her positive attitude to embrace life.

Epic Post: Runfessions October 2016

17. Denise

Why you should follow her: Denise discovered her passion for running in 2007. Since then, she has run several marathons and trained for different races. She is a mom of three beautiful children and she writes about her success and challenges during her free time. Are you a parent who juggles your  family and your fitness too? Learn how Denise does it in her blog.

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18. Martinus Evans

Why you should follow him: Martinus is on a journey to a better health and better self. He started running to lose weight and keeps going for love of running. He is very passionate about helping people be the best they can be. It is his mission to inspire and challenge you to expand your comfort zone and motivate you during your times of need.

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19. Thomas

Why you should follow him: Thomas is a runner based in Ireland and a father to four children. He writes about his wellness, running, and life. Learn how he conquers the difficulties he faced and be inspired by his running routine. Take a peek at his blog and see how this amazing runner dad juggles running, parenting and life!

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20. MariAbbe

Why you should follow her: Do you know someone who is suffering from depression, an eating disorder, or anxiety? You should check out MariAbbe's blog. She has dedicated it helping others overcome these difficulties through running. Her site exudes so much positivity and inspiration. 

Epic Post:Tag: Perfect

21. Scott Dunlap

Why you should follow him: Scott is a technology entrepreneur who started running in 2001. He also loves eating and running in the outdoors. He is currently into trail running and triathlons. Hop on to his site and learn more about Scott's journey.

Epic Post: Are We Trail Running, Or Are We "Forest Bathing"? Understanding the Japanese Practice of Shinrin-Yoku​

22. Angela

Why you should follow her: Angela is a certified running coach who originally turned to running to help her move forward from her marriage and to overcome anxiety. She's passionate about living a balanced life and learning how to be more awesome each and every day. Check out her blog and read about her amazing story and her cute cat too!

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23. Ellen

Why you should follow her: She is a motivated, competitive and hard-working teenager. She loves running and is accomplishing great things while still doing well at school. Ellen might be young but she definitely knows her goals and how to achieve them. Be inspired and feel energized when you read about her stories and accomplishments.

Epic Post: Coming Back From Injury: Training Thoughts and Advice​

24. Jen

Why you should follow her: Jen started running to lose weight 12 years ago and she fell in love with it. It was actually her husband who got her into running and she never stopped. You can find motivating race recaps, running strategies that you might want to try, and yummy yet healthy recipes.

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25. Jesica D'Avanza

Why you should follow her: Jesica's blog offers hefty amounts of information about running from nutrition and hydration, training in various weather conditions, injury prevention, and triathlons. As a bonus, she also has tips about relationships, such as how to stay married to a marathon runner and a lot more.

Epic Post: 7 Strategies to Avoid Under-Training & Over-Eating during the Holidays​


I believe that all runners run for a reason and most of them continue and ultimately accomplish their goals because they are able to find a community.  Nowadays, your running pack doesn't need to be someone you run with on a regular basis.  It could be a famous runner who inspires you or the blogger from 3 states away whose advice helps you power through those hard days.

​I have no doubt that at least one of these amazing running bloggers will inspire and guide you to reaching your running goals, whether it's simply to lose that holiday weight with a few morning jogs or to start training for your marathon next summer.  

I personally follow them and love learning how they have conquered the same challenges I have and ones that are far more intense than anything I've ever tried. Yet.  And if you know of a great running blog I haven't mentioned, I'd love to learn about it.  Please leave it in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out.

The Essential Guide to Yoga for Beginners

With such a huge variety of yoga styles, it is easy to feel overwhelmed searching for the perfect type. You may find yourself wondering what the difference between Bikram and Ashtanga is or which classes are ideal for beginners versus experienced yogis. Whether you are wanting a more mellow class or a high energy, fast-paced class, find the right fit for you with this yoga cheat sheet! You can compare and see which styles are more tailored for your needs and experience level. Forget the endless internet searches and save your energy for your practice with this guide to yoga for beginners!

Bikram Yoga

bow pose

In the 1970s, Bikram Yoga was made popular by its founder, Bikram Choudhury. This yoga is a type practiced in a hot environment with a series of 26 yoga postures. Mimicking the climate of India, the high heat increases your ability to stretch and promotes detoxification. Be prepared to sweat your butt off in an approximately 105 degree room with 40% humidity. Staying hydrated and resting when you feel the need is vital to practicing this style. This highly favored yoga type should be relatively easy when it comes to finding a class!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is ideal for beginners. The basic Hatha class goal is to develop flexibility and balance. It can also significantly reduce stress and improve relaxation.

Hatha is the foundation for all yoga types. It refers to any practice that combines poses with breathing techniques. This slower moving style requires you to hold each pose for a few breaths. It is easy to learn and a great class to start with if you’re new to yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga

pigeon pose

Best for experienced yogis, Ashtanga is a physically demanding style of yoga. It consists of six series of sequenced yoga poses, specifically in the same order during each class. While predictability is on your side, still be prepared for a challenging workout that requires strength and endurance.

Ashtanga yoga focuses on synchronizing your breath with the series of postures. This process produces extraordinary internal heat and sweat that detoxifies the body. With strict guidelines, this style is awesome for you perfectionists wanting to build muscle while improving your health.

Vinyasa Yoga

This fast paced class is great for weight loss. Vinyasa Yoga gets your heart rate to rise easily and keeps it steady. Its constant movement includes a flowing series of bending, lunging and stretching asanas (postures). Vinyasa means ‘the linking of body movement with breath’. A lot of emphasis is placed on the breath and its correlations with upward and downward movements. This style does not have a specific sequence that instructors follow, which makes it ideal if you like a more spontaneous workout.

Kundalini Yoga

downward dog

This type of yoga concentrates on awakening the energy at the base of the spine. If you are looking for a more spiritual experience, Kundalini may be the right type for you. This form was developed to energize the body while calming the mind. Expect chanting, breathing exercises and meditation in a standard Kundalini class.

With its emphasis on breath work, meditation and spiritual energy, Kundalini Yoga is much more than just a workout. Break through your internal barriers and achieve a higher level of self-awareness.

Restorative Yoga

This type of yoga is a mellow, slow-paced practice. With significantly fewer poses than other types, Restorative yoga focuses on holding postures for a period of time. This allows the muscles to passively relax. You will find yourself resting on mixture of props, including yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Restorative Yoga may be a good practice for you if you suffer for insomnia or anxiety. It can also help you slow down and focus on each moment of life. Restorative Yoga is great for anyone who is looking for a deeper relaxation and less of a workout.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is another slow-paced style that focuses on holding poses for longer periods of time. Its aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. Yin Yoga works the connective tissues of the body (tendons, fascia and ligaments), restoring elasticity and length. This type also uses props to help your body passively release into the posture. It is a more meditative approach to yoga that has been around for thousands of years. Unwind and destress from a busy work day with Yin Yoga.

revolved side angle pose

Anusara Yoga

This relatively new type of yoga was developed by John Friend in 1997. Anusara seeks to help you open your heart and let your inner goddess shine through. Anusara classes are typically playful and fun, but still very challenging.

This form of yoga includes great amount of alignment work while encouraging the use of props such as mats, blankets, straps and blocks. You will learn the Universal Principals of Alignment during this class. Anusara Yoga is ideal if you want to work both your physical and spiritual well-being.

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu is a gentle, introspective practice. It encourages you to hold poses to explore and release spiritual and emotional blockages. This form of Hatha Yoga uses inner focus, breathwork, meditation and relaxation. Founded by Amrit Desai in 1965, Kripalu’s emphasis on acceptance and adaptability will make you feel welcome no matter what your circumstance is.

There are three stages to Kripalu Yoga. The first stage focuses on posture, pressure points, self-acceptance and control of breath. The second stage focuses on prolonging the hold of each posture and concentration. It also includes working with fear and pain and internalizing your outgoing energy. In the third stage, you are to perform the postures without too much thinking. This enables the mind to focus deeply on what has been learned in the first two stages.


Viniyoga is a gentle healing practice that adapts to each person’s individual needs. It takes a therapeutic and holistic approach to improving your health and well-being. Viniyoga is an excellent practice if you have any physical limitations, whether you’re recovering from surgery or suffer from an illness. It can be a group class or a one-on-one session, so expect a lot of attention. You may also find yourself chanting, meditating, or performing certain poses. Viniyoga is a highly rewarding style that will help you lessen any pain and move forward with a more positive outlook.


Are you ready to try yoga now? Get started and improve your flexibility and well-being! You will find a deeper peace than you ever had before. Calm your mind and restore your muscles while burning calories. You don’t have to have a vigorous workout to gain strength and achieve a healthier body. Yoga is a great way to fight stress and find serenity, no matter what type you choose. Whether you are sweating it up in a Bikram class or resting on a block in Restorative Yoga, you can be sure that you found the perfect style for you.


The 5 Most Popular Careers Who Don’t Do Yoga (But Should)

It’s a no brainer- you should probably do yoga or some type of activity if you sit at a desk all day. But what about the people who are constantly on their feet or behind the wheel? Those are actually the ones who may need it the most! You will be able to focus better mentally, rid your body of toxins, and stretch your overworked muscles. Whether you are running around an emergency room or chasing toddlers all day, yoga can be the perfect workout for you. Staying healthy means a healthy mind, body and spirit. So feel your best after a hectic and stressful work day with a good and detoxifying workout.

Uber Driver

Whether you are a successful Uber Driver or wanting to become one, yoga can be a great way to stretch and get your blood flowing. With your days spent mostly in a car, your muscles can become cramped and tight. By practicing yoga, you can stay in shape and reap all of its benefits.

One pose that may be perfect after long drives in a small space is the Warrior I Pose. You’ll stretch and strengthen your calves, thighs and ankles. This pose will also stretch your chest, neck and shoulders. Staying healthy and active with yoga can help you become a more successful Uber Driver.

Female nurse injecting patient's arm

Emergency Room Nurse

With such a fast-paced environment, an ER nurse can become overwhelmed pretty easily. Long hours on your feet, providing critical medical care, and having to make decisions quickly can leave you exhausted both mentally and physically. It is important to maintain excellent health to keep up with these day-to-day duties. Dealing with minor to extreme injuries and sometimes even death, an ER nurse needs an outlet and remedy for stress.

One of the best yoga poses for you may be the Bridge Pose. This pose helps calm the mind and alleviate stress. It also rejuvenates tired legs and reduces backaches and headaches. This pose is perfect for anyone putting in those long days or nights in an emergency room.

Stay At Home Mom

Chasing toddlers around, refereeing fights between siblings and almost zero time to yourself is just another day in the life of a stay at home mom. This can be one of the hardest and most exhausting jobs anyone can have. After your prayers have been answered by nap time finally arriving, take time for yourself and combat that fatigue!

Try out the Downward Facing Dog to help bring back some energy into your day. This pose is therapeutic for high blood pressure and relieves stress, headaches and back pain. It is also a great way to energize the body. You’ll be able to strengthen your arms, too, for all those times you’ll be toting a kid around!


Waiting tables can be physically and mentally draining. You’re carrying heavy trays, constantly checking up on people, and cleaning your section up after the shift is over. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short shift or a long one- being a waitress can exhaust your body from head to toe. Trying out yoga exercises can relieve stress and alleviate sore muscles.

The Bow Pose can be beneficial to waiters and waitresses who need to calm their mind, fight fatigue and reduce anxiety. It is also a great way to improve your posture and strengthen your back muscles for those long hours serving tables. Practice some yoga poses before each shift and feel better than ever!

Retail Sales Associate

retail sales associate

Working in retail has its perks and downfalls. Getting discounts and seeing the sale items first are some of the pros. However, it can take a serious toll on your body. Standing for long periods of time can cause excess pressure on hip, knee and ankle joints. Aching muscles, sore feet and feeling fatigued are common after a long shift. Practicing daily yoga exercises may help relieve some of these problems.

One pose to help fight these troubles is the Fish Pose. It’s therapeutic for mild back aches, fatigue and anxiety. And nothing says fatigue and anxiety like working retail during the holidays! Strengthen your upper back and neck muscles while stretching your deep hip flexors. The Fish Pose can help improve your posture as well. Maintaining a healthy and active body with yoga will help you deal with those sometimes demanding customers and long hours on your feet!


Trying out different yoga styles and poses will benefit your health and lifestyle tremendously! Just because you aren’t sitting behind a desk all day doesn’t mean you don’t need to stretch. Tending to toddlers, driving or sitting all day, or giving critical medical care to patients can all be exhausting. Strengthening your muscles and improving your posture can only help you get through your day more easily. Different yoga poses will give you an outlet for stress and anxiety while calming your mind. Whether you are meditating, stretching or toning, yoga will help you fight fatigue and have a healthier mind, body and spirit.


The 25 Best Yoga Bloggers to Follow in 2016

Yoga has evolved since it was first developed, just as its resources have. With over thousands of yoga blogs, you may find yourself searching through an endless amount to find the one that best suits you. To save you that trouble, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best yoga blogs out there.

Use this list to branch away from big names and find more in-depth information about yoga. Read about their passion and adventures, heartbreak and healing. This list praises the top bloggers in the yoga community. Whether you’re looking for fun, inspiration, healthy recipes or yoga poses, these bloggers provide excellent insight into the yoga world. Dig deeper, think harder, spread peace, love more, be kinder, live healthy. All of these blogs offer advice on how to achieve these goals. We celebrate the 25 top yoga bloggers in the industry with this list.

1. Yoga with Kassandra

Why you should follow her: Kassandra offers free and premium online yoga classes and challenges you to be the best you can be. She goes in-depth about the benefits of yoga and improving your quality of life. And for all you pet lovers out there, her furbabies make occasional blog appearances. Meow.

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2. The Journey Junkie


A place where yoga, travel & life meld together

Why you should follow her: Because she’s modern, hip, and fresh. Read about her travels, watch yoga videos or make delicious smoothies. Oh, and get your craft on by learning how to make a dreamcatcher. This blog has it all!

Epic post: 5 Ways To Love Your Body

3. Spoiled Yogi


Spoil yourself

Why you should follow her: Erica focuses on prenatal yoga and yoga for new mamas. She believes in taking better care of yourself and living a happy, healthy lifestyle. This blog is a must for pregnant ladies and new mommies everywhere!

Epic post: 10 Reasons Why Every Mama Needs Yoga

4. Starr Struck

Starr Struck

Live a more creative, simple, joyful & purposeful life

Why you should follow her: This self-proclaimed list maker extraordinaire is a painter, designer, writer and yoga teacher. You will feel right at home with her down-to-earth posts. Make sure to browse her awesome class playlists while channeling your inner yogi.

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5. Alive in the Fire

Rachel Koontz – Alive in the Fire

Embrace challenges & live wholeheartedly

Why you should follow her: Rachel’s blog updates can be both long and in depth or quick and to the point. But you’re sure to learn something new from every post. She’s also a badass.

Epic post: Badass Women: Anika

6. Anacostia Yogi

Anacostia Yogi

Discover the power of a mind, body and spirit connection

Why you should follow her: Not only does she radiate beauty and confidence, but she’s been published in Essence Magazine. Her long list of press gigs speaks for itself. Don’t forget to check out her yoga videos and podcasts, too.

Epic post: Pranayama and an Unplanned Pregnancy

7. Bram Levinson

bram levinson

Why you should follow him: He’s an internationally acclaimed author and has a lot to say. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back. His powerful writing will leave you wanting more.

Epic post: If You Read One Blog Post, Make It This One

8. Elena Brower

elena brower

Why you should follow her: She’s a mama, teacher, co-author and speaker. You will fall in love with her soothing posts and feel like you’ve made a new BFF. Think deeper and clearer while being inspired.

Epic post: Is It Time?

9. Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke

Why you should follow him: Enjoy podcasts mixed with highly informative blog posts. Adam focuses a lot on meditation, poses, alignment and balance. He has great advice for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Epic post: Shut up And Trust The Yoga

10. Silvia Mordini


Inspire your desire

Why you should follow her: Her blog is jam-packed with teaching resources for yoga instructors. This blog should be followed by any aspiring yoga teacher! Plus, check out the intriguing exotic retreats she offers.

Epic post: Power Of Faith

11. Yoga Mint

Navigate the temporal and spiritual world with grace

Why you should follow her: With decades of yoga under her belt, her blog is filled with wisdom and radiates positivity. Her uplifting and thought provoking blog posts will make you dig deeper and find a more satisfying inner peace.

Epic post: One Step, One Breath

12. Rachel Scott


Why you should follow her: This down-to-earth yoga instructor knows how to laugh at herself. She embraces her inner nerd and loves what she does. Her blog is full of inspiration, advice, tips and tricks.

Epic post: Yoga Confessions

13. Om Gal


Do your om thing!

Why you should follow her: She brings fire and fun to the table. You will also get a more athletic side of yoga with her. Read about Rebecca’s amazing yoga experiences like teaching a class at Fenway Park.

Epic post: On Losing Myself (In a Sea of Yoga)

14. Gigi Yogini


Love your body

Why you should follow her: Also known as Brigitte Kouba Neves, this girl helps you feel good about yourself. She is a huge advocate for body positivity and promotes healthy lifestyles. You will feel like a rockstar after reading her blog posts.

Epic post: I Am Perfectly Imperfect

15. Marianne Elliot


Why you should follow her: She’s a human rights advocate and published author. This blog is for you if you want to make the world a better place and spread peace, love and kindness.

Epic post: The Bravest Thing I’ve Done This Year

16. One With Life


Adventure meets athletics

Why you should follow her: This blog is refreshing and addictive. Her love for yoga and life shines through all over her blog. Stephanie’s inspirational and informative posts keep you coming back for more.

Epic post: 3 Ways To Trust Yourself

17. Yogi Crystal


Why you should follow her: Because wine, of course! She has a strong love for running and posts regularly about her adventures. Follow her story (and love for wine) through her cheery and upbeat blog posts.

Epic post: Getting Lost In More Ways Than One

18. It’s All Yoga Baby

It's All Yoga Baby

Feminism + Sex + Yoga

Why you should follow her: Rosanne Harvey’s blog covers everything from body image to sexualized marketing. She speaks from the heart and talks about issues many people don’t. Her relevant and current content will make you think.

Epic post: The Story Of Yoga Selfies: The Ultimate Infographic

19. Kathryn Budig


Aim True

Why you should follow her: She’s all about empowering her students and finding true balance. Her blog is full of yummy and healthy original recipes. Stay fit and full with this light-hearted blog.

Epic post: Vegan Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

20. Gwen Lawrence


Why you should follow her: If you’re an athlete, Gwen is going to be your best friend. Her 20 years of massage therapy gives her extensive knowledge about the human body. Her blog is aimed towards healing and easing pain, especially for athletes. Some of her dozens of magazine features include Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Yoga Journal.

Epic post: 5 Poses To Help Ease Back Pain

21. Rachel Brathen


Why you should follow her: Rachel is raw and real. This Swedish native now lives in Aruba and teaches yoga on a paddle board. (How awesome is that!?) She’s a social media guru and her captivating photos alone are worth following!

Epic post: Why Aren’t People Opening Their Eyes?

22. Yoga By Candace


​Modern Yoga Lifestyle

Why you should follow her: Candace’s blog is modern and hip, and she believes anything is possible. She keeps you motivated to be the best version of yourself. Her site also includes delicious, healthy recipes with vegetarian, vegan, and paleo options.

Epic post: Workout Wednesday: 5 Gym Hacks I Swear By

23. Chelsea Loves Yoga


Why you should follow her: She’s smart and extremely accomplished. She has a Ph.D. from the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University. Chelsea aims to teach and educate community through yoga.

Epic post: Capturing Light: A Yoga Photo Session With Saddi Khali

24. Ashley Josephine

Healthy, whole-hearted living

Why you should follow her: Ashley talks about how yoga has helped alleviate her stress and anxieties. Her free yoga videos help with relieving stress, negativity and pain. Follow Ashley through her journey of healing and living life with more joy.

Epic post: It’s OK When Life Gets In The Way

25. Half Moon Yoga and Art


Why you should follow her: Hannah Faulkner thrives on creativity and yoga. Learn about all types of yoga and find helpful tips on how to become healthier. She covers all aspects of yoga including yoga books, clothing, and poses. You may also find yourself in a history lesson here or there!

Epic post: Crown Circles Of Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


While there are many wonderful yoga bloggers that didn’t make this list, every single one of these top 25 are phenomenal sources of yoga information and inspiration. If you’re looking for some whose advice you can trust and follow, you’ll be able to find someone on this list who meshes well with your yoga style and philosophy. Check them out, follow and subscribe, and enjoy a more relaxing and peaceful life.